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Play Demons with
Rule of Chaos - Demonic 5e

Your time of being weak and foolish adventurers is over.
You start your journey anew as mighty demons of all shapes and sizes. As such, new (roleplaying) challenges arise, like fighting epic mobs, armies, and the heavens itself. Mortals tremble at your sight. So, stay disguised and unseen until your schemes unfold. Haggle for souls, build your own cult, achieve world domination, or just have fun on the mortal plane.
Explore a changing world with its own hell and heaven plane, 7 playable eras and changing continents and factions. Watch as history unfolds and leave your mark as an eternal being of chaos.

Why demons?

It is a completely new way to play 5E. Here are three reasons to break it down:
1. Feel powerful
Normal people will flee if they know what’s good for them. You wield power they only can dream of or fear dreaming of.
2. Be unique
As an eternal manifestation of chaos you exist outside of biological, physical and societal norms and expectations. Look like you want, be what you want, achieve what you want.

3. Unlocking 5E potential
Experience adventures from a different perspective and face new challenges. Power is not an obstacle, but choosing when and how you’ll use it, will have a great impact on the story. Also, you may not always agree with your summoner or other forces that dare controlling you.

Demon Races

Enjoy 6 playable demon races with unique skill sets that increase with your level!

  • Morpher (shapeshifting & insuspicios)
  • Plantoid (growing & spreading)
  • Hellstruct (robust & strong)
  • Parasite (possess & buff)
  • Objectoid (animate objects)
  • Spectral (incorporeal & unseen).

Size (matters)

Be large as a windmill or small as a spider! Take advantage of your size in combat, stealthing and much more. Size in Rule of Chaos affects how you deal damage (speedy single or mighty areal), reach and much more!

Demon Classes & Subclasses

Behold! The gates of hell deliver you 10 demonically reimagined classes with 3 unique subclasses each!

Demonic Appearance

Your race sets the general theme of your demon. Take the robust and strong Hellstruct as example. While one may have the shape of a humanoid, another might be a spider-like monstrosity, a gargoyle, or a huge dragon. But they all share the same idea of being robust and strong.

Digital Approach

Spellcrafting tool

Digital Character Sheet

Digital interactive maps

Easy to use character creator and generator!

Customizable & printable character sheet

Chaos Chards

Using your powers in the realm of mortals invites chaos to the world. Sooner or later casting spells and using demonic abilities triggers a deck of 60 different chaos cards with effects either helpful or tragic. Rumor has it there are demons who can influence these events.


Be creative! Use our own balanced spellcrafting system and forge your own unique spells! Use simple building blocks and combine them to your amusement and your enemies’ nightmare! 

All of this can be prepared and added to your spell list to gain certain advantages or used on the fly to react to all of the circumstances!

World Map
Arde will be released in summer 2022

World & Eras

to conquer

Discover the lands of Arde, the heavens and hell in our completely unique fantasy world. Also enjoy playing Rule of Chaos in six different eras starting with medieval and modern age!


Meet The Creators

consistency passionist, storywriter, likes short and clear rules and the brain behind our marketing
artist, animation, software, rule brain and makes sure that demons feel powerful to play

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