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5E Demon Races

In Rule of Chaos the race sets the general theme of your demon. Compared to original 5E it is more flexible in abilities and appearance.
1. Appearance
Demons of the same race could look totally different. While one may have the shape of a humanoid, another might be a spider-like monstrosity, a gargoyle, or a huge dragon.

2. Disguised Form

Most Demons have a Disguised Form to wander among mortals and fulfill their missions. Battles may not always be the solution, but maybe cunning and charm does the trick – don’t blow your cover!

3. Race Abilities
Races in RoC are much more versatile and start with a bigger skillset than original 5E races. Similar to classes they also allow you to choose either Ability Score Improvements or abilities/feats at level up.

4. Crafting Demon Spells

Demons are in their core magical creatures and therefore all races have the resources and ability to create and cast their own spells. Though demon spellcasting works differently, they can use the original 5E spellscasting system as well.

Demon Races


Plantoids drain the environment for magical power like no other. Their plantlike nature allows them to grow and even shrink in size within their plant species. Disguised as a tree, bush or even a single flower, these demons can be the last apple you eat, flower you smell or tree you hug.


Morphers appear like humanoids or animals in their Disguised Form. They walk among mortals in perfect resemblence or be the cat you find so adorable. Many of them only have one Disguised Form, but there are stronger specimen which are able to take different forms and even transform with fitting clothing.


There is no need to hide when you are the epitome of Hell. When mortals think of horrendous monsters, they often mean Hellstructs. Appearing like demonical objects, machines & monsters of all kind, they do not have an inherently Disguised Form, but are therefore stronger and more robust.

Demon Races


Have you ever experienced an object that seemed to be cursed? You may have encountered an objectoid. Weapons, machines, dolls even houses. These Demons live within all things around us. They can be both a big help for those carrying them and also their doom.


Exorcists need work too right? Parasites take care of that. They posses the living and use them as shells to fulfill their missions. They fill the bodies of their mortal host with supernatural powers, but also take advantage of their hosts experience. And yes. They even can read their  memories.


These transparent Demons walk with one half in the etheral and with one in the mortal realm. This is also the case with Objectoids and Parasites, but Spectrals do not need to posses. They will not only play your piano or turn your lights on and off, they will walk through walls or change planes to become your worst nightmare.

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