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HELLWARDEN demonically
re-imagined 5e Paladin class

Play Demons with
Rule of Chaos - Demonic 5e

Your time of being weak and foolish adventurers is over.
You start your journey anew as mighty demons of all shapes and sizes. As such, new (roleplaying) challenges arise, like fighting epic mobs, armies, and the heavens itself. Mortals tremble at your sight. So, stay disguised and unseen until your schemes unfold. Haggle for souls, build your own cult, achieve world domination, or just have fun on the mortal plane.
Explore a changing world with its own hell and heaven plane, 7 playable eras and changing continents and factions. Watch as history unfolds and leave your mark as an eternal being of chaos.

The Hellwardens Role

Serving a higher demon or a primal force like chaos itself, the Hellwarden takes care of unsolicited guests, troublemakers and entrusted missions. They are aware of their duty and will determinedly fulfill it. They often hold positions like guards, enforcers and governors. To a large degree the Hellwarden draws powers from their connection to their lord or chaos itself. Their very existence is geared to protect and support their cause. If they enter a contract with whomever, they take it sincerely as they respect it as the superior entity it is.

Evoking the infernal power of a Hellwarden often serves the summoner’s need of a bodyguard, a sentinel of precious artifacts or sites. This is because their auras are known to be areas of their control. 

Among connoisseurs it is widely known that Hellwardens are a little more reliable and eager to fulfill their contract. This makes the Hellwarden a good choice for those who summon a demon squad for their task. In order to fulfill their quests as fast as possible the Hellwarden will most likely try to keep his demon companions on track. 

This must not be mistaken as willing to serve a summoner. Quite the reverse is the case. Their motivation comes from their higher respect of the contract and in some cases to get their demon lord’s attention for their achievements.

As a member of a summoned demon squad the Hellwarden is ready to keep their allies safe and to obliterate what stands between them and their quest. The Hellwarden always carries a piece of hell around them – their Infernal Aura. This grants them superior control of surrounding space. They can use their Aurs to make their allies stronger or to impede their enemies. Each aura is quite unique as the Hellwarden chooses their powers.

Our Vision of The Hellwarden

Chaotic Power

This is a theme we want to carry through all our re-imagined classes. Classes in 5E are pretty cool already. We want to alter them where it’s necessary to fit the demonic theme while keeping cool features which make them the class in the first place. Additionally we add unique concepts to make them shine in infernal glory.

As an example for smaller changes we kept the concept of “Lay on Hands” as a pool of healing power but changed it from a fixed value to a number of d8. They can use this ability within the Hellwardens aura starting at level 1. This makes the ability more powerful but also unpredictable resulting in a more chaotic and demonic vibe. We named this ability “Hellwardens Touch”

Auras as Dominions

The big change we made is to turn the Hellwardens auras into areas of their control. The goal was to make the Hellwarden feel powerful in their aura. The hellish surrounding is partly a manifestation of their own demonic presence and in some cases granted to them by their bond to their demon Lord, Lady or Chaos.

(Infernal Path)

It is time to choose or get chosen. Up to this time you have been too insignificant to raise any attention or were not able to accumulate enough power. However now you are strong enough to get acknowledged. You now benefit from your Overlord or Chaos itself in unique ways.This sets your infernal path and grants you features at 3rd leveI and again at 7th, 15th, and 20th leveI. Those features include path spells, abilities and Aura Abilities.

Our Intentions

The original 5E Paladin swears an oath at 3rd level. This relationship to a holy higher force is key to the class which is why we re-interpreted it demonically. While the initiative to engage in this relationship from the original class is driven by belief, we thought demons should have other reasons to have a bond. This is fueled by the idea of different ways a Hellwarden can be created and that there’s a demonic hierarchy in which Hellwardens are much more engaged to compete in than other classes. Further we decided to only create 10 reimagined classes. The sorcerer and the warlock are too near to chaos and dark forces to be their own classes in RoC. You will notice that we have spread their spirit across our other 10 classes, as all demons carry aspects of chaos and dark forces within them.

Henchman of

Your deeds have been noticed. As an infernal mercenary your achievements led to the Lord of Wrath catching an eye on you. You bow to them, in exchange for powers to crush everything that dares to stand in your way. You now can spread Wrath more effectively among mortals, taking your share of arcane might and even invoke your Lords power into your aura dooming your enemies to fight!

Fate of the

As a creation of their demon overlord Subordinates are bound to obey. They are either born out of their creator or their overlord planted their essence into them. Though Subordinates carry a very part of their creator’s essence they are not treated as a child.

However some Subordinates make the decision to separate from their creators. This is not an easy decision, but necessary when a Subordinate wants to achieve independent goals. This turns the Subordinate to a Renegade. The Hellwarden then has to find their power within themselves.

Infused by

Some Hellwardens suddenly get ripped out of their occupation to fulfill a higher cause. The very essence of hell – chaos itself – infuses some Hellwardens and makes them their agents. These Hellwardens are often treated with some sort of respect from other demons, as they are one of few which have powers to predict the flow of chaos and even manipulate it. In addition they are sometimes regarded to be representatives of chaos’s aspect of freedom. They themselves might deny that they are free, as chaos itself keeps whispering to them and gives directions.

Class Impressions

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