Play Demons with
Rule of Chaos - Demonic 5e

Your time of being weak and foolish adventurers is over.
You start your journey anew as mighty demons of all shapes and sizes. As such, new (roleplaying) challenges arise, like fighting epic mobs, armies, and the heavens itself. Mortals tremble at your sight. So, stay disguised and unseen until your schemes unfold. Haggle for souls, build your own cult, achieve world domination, or just have fun on the mortal plane.
Explore a changing world with its own hell and heaven plane, 7 playable eras and changing continents and factions. Watch as history unfolds and leave your mark as an eternal being of chaos.

What we have in store for you

5e specific

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Also get access to these finished Races & Classes immediately in the style below:
  • The Objectoid (Mimic Race)
  • The Plantoid (Plant Demon Race)
  • The Hellwarden up to lvl 10 (Infernal Paladin Class)
  • The Shadow up to lvl 10 (Demonic Rogue Class)
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