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SHADOW demonically
re-imagined 5e Rogue class

The Shadows Role

Lurking in dim light and shadows alike these demons know their worth and how to cash in on it. No matter if valuables, luck or information. Shadows know how to make a deal. They take advantage of their unseen presence to silently watch your step, read your dreams or relieve you from your belongings. 

In hell they usually run “businesses”, banks with interests higher you might find appropriate or simply take missions from changing clients. Many of them are in an engagement with the Lord of Greed and profit from his pyramid scheme of banks and services.

A summoner longing for a special artifact, information or simply somebody dying silently might fancy summoning Shadow. 

They are often summoned for their capabilities regarding objects. They have the unique ability to consume valuables and change them into other things of the same value they have proficiency in.

Shadows have the ability to dive into and become one with the shadow of steady objects or even walking creatures.  They follow their target everywhere and can therefore set up schemes others can only dream of. They strike precisely and hence make short work of victims. 

Shadows can handle tools like humanoids in skills they are proficient in. They can summon these tools with ease or alter body parts to fulfill the purpose. Also they can consume and process any valuables within them to produce objects of the same value that are covered by their proficiency. The consumed objects don’t even have to consist of the normally necessary components.

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Our Vision of The Shadow

Being a real Shadow

Classes in 5E are pretty cool already. We want to alter them where it’s necessary to fit the demonic theme while keeping cool features which make them the class in the first place. Additionally we add unique concepts to make them shine in infernal glory.

As an example what we kept is “Sneak Attack” as a damage boost. When we developed The Shadow we added synergies to these abilities with our new class feat like our Shadow Form – a new feature which allows you to follow your prey in its own shadow.

We also polished the stealing mechanics as shadows now can consume valuable objects and produce any object of same value. They can also store it as an “innver value”, which fit perfectly to the greed theme of shadows and adds an advantage for the group. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


Our Intentions

The original 5E Rogue chooses an Archetype at 3rd level. The chosen Archetype grants skill sets which fulfill the role of a thief, an assassin or a spy. So metawise the key features are high damage and stealth. We asked ourselves how a literal shadow might solve tasks a rogue might encounter. We also added a lot of utility to the subclasses to make them a little bit more versatile than the original class. We focused also on object interaction as a rogue knows how to “handle” objetcs like no other. As a result we came up with our subclasses (Shades) following different approaches to how they achieve their goals – a main fighting subclass, a stealth and high utility subclass and a face subclass which delves into humans dreams.

The Deadly

The Deadly are experts in tracking down victims and their superior finesse lets them ignore one source of disadvantage in combat and boost their sneak attack. Masters of this kind can even kill their victims as their own shadow.

The Unseen

The Unseen learned to use darkness in many ways. Their dark shadows frighten enemies, hide themselves and their allies or change the battlefield to their advantage. They also learned how to overcome long distances within seconds using shadows as pathways.

Dream Delver

Dream Delvers are known to seed and delve into nightmares. They know their enemy’s deepest fears, hopes and most embarrassing moments. Dreams are their playground. Erasing their victims memories or letting dhem walk in their sleep are only some tricks up their sleeve.

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